Portrait of Ensemble Intercontemporain

This radiophonic portrait in English is about the French Ensemble intercontemporain , one of the world’s leading ensembles for the music of the 20th and 21st century, and its founder, the composer and conductor Pierre Boulez.

Join us for a trip to their rehearsal in the sound projection room at the music and technology institute IRCAM in Paris. Meet the ensemble’s two basson players, Pascal Gallois and Paul Riveaux, and the young French conductor and composer Bruno Mantovani. You will also meet the young Copenhagen based British composer Nicholas Martin talk about his experience with the ensemble.
Hear them talk about the ensemble’s values of liberty, equality and fraternity and follow us into the visionary, contemporary musical world of the Ensemble intercontemporain.

This radiophonic portrait is produced in connection to a three day residency with Ensemble intercontemporain in Copenhagen from March 6-8 2013, with three concerts featuring the three artistic strands of the ensemble.

March 6, a wind quintet concert at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with 20th century masterpieces by Varése, Ligeti, Berio, Lutoslawski and the Danish composer Finn Høffding.

March 7, a concert with five world premieres of pieces by young Danish and international composers under 35. A sextet will world premiere works by composers Mette Nielsen, Nicolaj Worsaae, Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki, Nicholas Martin and Emmanuel Rodriguez.

March 8, a full Ensemble intercontemporain concert with conductor Bruno Mantovani and works by Danish composers Hans Abrahamsen, Bent Sørensen and Simon Steen-Andersen as well as a work by Bruno Mantovani.


Host: Thorbjørn Tønder Hansen
Editing: Lucia Odoom and Jan Høgh Stricker